Date: August 7, 2016

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Your Neighbour + Your Enemy + Your Self = Love | Ask the Pastor – Week 2 August 7th, 2016 | Pastor Patrick | Luke 6.27-36; 10.25-28; Galatians 5.14
Sermon in a Sentence: As citizens of the Kingdom your neighbour is your enemy, just as we are by nature enemies of God, who nonetheless acted in love toward us for his own glory, thereby setting us a standard for self-love from which we can then express love to others.

Kingdom Citizens Respond in Love. [Luke 6]

Kingdom Citizens Respond in Love[Luke 10]

Kingdom Citizens Respond In Love[Romans 13; Gal 5]
Questions for Study & Groups
1. How is your love life? Do you find yourself easily annoyed by others, or seeking ways to help and coexist with them peaceably?

2. What is the hardest part of Christ’s charge to love others as yourself? Are you operating out of your own strength to do this?

3. Why do we often equate loving self with negative, selfish feelings? How does thinking of your identity in Christ help to love yourself properly?

4. Where in your relationships do you need to apply this principle the most; work, family, society in general?

5. When are you going to act more loving this week in order to show how much you love God, yourself and others?