Date: October 16, 2016

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Acts 17:16-34 – “Time for Show & Tell”
Missions on the Home Front Series, Week 1
Sun. Oct. 16th 2016 - Pastor Stephan
Sermon Outline
I. Engaging in Spiritual Conversation Creates an Opportunity to Show & Tell about Jesus (Acts. 17:16-19).
A. We are to make ourselves available to intentionally engage people.
B. The Spirit will guide us in the right approach to connect with people.
“The key to an instructed tongue is an awakened ear.”
II. Spiritual Conversation Leads into Sharing Our Testimony and God’s Story.
Questions for Study and Reflection
1. Do you think it easy or difficult to start conversations with people? Do you find people, even strangers, regularly engaging you in conversation? What about things like the Blue Jays? Or the weather? Why do you think it is so difficult to begin conversations with people about spiritual matters?
2. Read Acts 17:16-34. What would you be doing if you were in Athens around the time of Paul? What was Paul doing while he was waiting for his companions? For what purpose was he doing those things?
3. Why does it seem that Jesus so easily engaged in conversations with people around Him? What was it about Jesus that lead to such conversations?
4. Do you believe it is important for you personally to have conversations with other people about spiritual matters? Why or why not? What about spiritual conversations about Jesus?
5. This week look for opportunities to begin spiritual conversations in your interactions, especially when you notice God is leading you. Start by sharing how the Lord has made a difference in your life in a particular area and then share it with the other person.