Date: May 14, 2017

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Prov. 31:29 – “The Noble Woman”
Mothers’ Day - Sun. May 14th 2017 - Pastor Stephan
Sermon Outline
I. The Noble Woman Reverences and Pleases her Lord (Prov. 31:30; 1:7).
II. The Noble Woman Exhibits Personal Integrity and Excellence (Prov. 31:26, 13-19).
III. The Noble Woman is a Blessing to her Husband and Children (Prov. 31:11, 12, 28).
IV. The Noble Woman Seeks the Good of Others (Prov. 31:20).
V. The Noble Woman Loves her Lord, Herself and her Neighbours (Matt. 22:34-40).
Questions for Study and Reflection
1. Think of some of the qualities or characteristics that woman today are expected to possess from the world’s perspective. How are these portrayed on media today? What are some of the shortfalls of this perspective?
2. Read Prov. 31. Why should women (or men) pay any attention to the counsel given to us in this chapter of proverbs, or for any counsel from any other part of scripture, written hundreds and thousands of years before our time? Refer to Prov. 1:7 and Psalm 1:1-2.
3. Define the two character traits of point 2 above. How do these proceed from what point I suggests?
4. What are different ways a woman can do what point III above suggests?
5. How does this section of proverbs apply to all people, not just women (see point V above)? What other practical examples are given in Proverbs 31 that reveal this?
6. Reflect on Proverbs 31 this week, and consider how it reflects our heavenly Father’s desire for all people. What women can you think of who need some encouragement in a practical way? Take time to pray for them and then walk out the lessons of Prov. 31 for them