Date: May 15, 2016

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John 4. 46-54 | “Take My Word for It!”
Week 2 | Healing & Living in the Kingdom of God Series | Pastor Patrick | Pentecost Sunday, May 15th, 2016
SERMON IN A SENTENCE: One’s faith is made complete as it is developed through the ongoing exercise of it; It comes not merely as a result of signs and wonders [which only confirm faith already there], but by trusting God at his word and acting upon it in obedience and sharing with others that faith.
I. Distance is No Deterrent to the Knowledge of Christ’s Power & Many Desire to See it. [V. 46-48]
II. Persistent, Respectful Requests Made to God in Faith Are Heard & Answered As We Obey. [V. 49-50]
III. Jesus Affirms Our Faith As We Go, But We Must Move in Faith [V. 51-53a]
IV. The Progression of Faith
a) is First of Regeneration in Our Soul,
b) Then Obedience to the Word of God in Our Lives,
c) and Upon Seeing it Fulfilled, We Come to True Belief
d) and Live Out of That Faith – Ultimately Passing it On. [V.53b-54]
1. Do you find it difficult to see God at work around you, or do you live expectantly for God to move?
2. The nobleman came to Jesus expecting, and when presented with him, made his requests known. Are one who prays or dismays when a need is in your life?
3. Is your faith one which makes you pray and truly dependent upon God to move, or is there a large amount of “I” in your faith?
4. Knowing that God has spoken, do you trust him at his word? Does that faith make you obedient?
5. According to point 3, at which stage of faith do you see yourself? Have you been there for a while? Ask God what you need to move to the next stage, and then act in obedience.