Date: August 6, 2017

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Proverbs 4:23 – “Staying Heart Smart”
Sun. Aug. 6th 2017 - Pastor Stephan
Sermon Outline
I. A Person’s Words, Conduct and Life are Determined by the Condition of their Heart.
A. Judeo-Christianity has always been a matter of the heart.
B. The condition of a person’s heart determines their actions and words, either good or evil.
C. The condition of a person’s heart determines their eternal destiny.
II. Our Hearts are Kept by God through His Empowering Presence and Our Obedience to His Word.
Questions for Study and Reflection
1. Recall a time when someone began to speak or behave poorly. Do you believe that those words or behaviours indicated what was going on inside their hearts? Why or why not?
2. Read Prov. 4:23. What does the Scripture mean by the word “heart”? What does the second half of this proverb mean?
3. Read point I and its subpoints. Do you agree with each? Why or why not?
4. Do you believe that it is easier to regulate one’s conduct than their character, yet not as worthwhile regulating?
5. Read point II. Do you agree? Why or why not? Can you give an example or two?
6. Reflect on Prov. 4:23. Ask the Lord to reveal to you the status of your heart. What areas are causes for concern? What do you need to do to address them? Ask the Lord this week for His grace, and perhaps pray about finding wise Christian counsel to help.