Date: October 2, 2016

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John 7:40-52 – “Standing Strong in the Faith”
Sun. Oct. 2nd 2016 - Pastor Stephan
Sermon Outline
I. The Person and Work of Jesus are without Equal in all Human History (John 7:40-52).
A. Hold fast to Jesus whose divine nature is the reason why we have salvation and eternal life (vs. 40-44).
B. Feed upon Jesus’ teaching which is without equal in terms of its beauty, power and authority (vs. 45-49).
C. Stand firm in your faith in Jesus with much assurance, love and grace (vs. 50-52).
II. Pray for Grace to Hold Fast to Jesus with Increasing Faith in Unity with the Saints.
Questions for Study and Reflection
1. Remember a time when, following a “mountaintop experience” in your life, you came into a time of severe testing and discouragement. What was it? What was the result? Have you ever had this experience in your life in Christ? What was it?
2. Read John 7:37-52. What was Jesus’ mountaintop declaration in vs. 37-39? What exactly was He claiming for Himself? What was the response of those who heard Him? How do you think this impacted Jesus?
3. Explain the confusion in vs. 40-42. What things cause division about Jesus today (vs. 43)?
4. Reflect upon the guards statement about Jesus in vs. 46. What do you think they mean? How do you think you would react if you heard the very voice of Jesus speaking? Why do the Sanhedrin respond so negatively as they do in vss. 47-48?
5. Why does Nicodemus stand up for Jesus (vs. 50-51)? Why does the Sanhedrin pose such a sarcastic question to Nicodemus (vs. 52a)? Optional bonus question: What is going in vs. 52b regarding their statement?
6. Reflect this week about statement II above. In your times of testing where do you turn? How can we prepare ourselves for the possible valleys we may encounter? Who do you know today that needs some encouragement in their walk with the Lord? Why not be that ambassador to them today?