Date: July 8, 2018

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John 4:43-54 – “Healing is Kingdom Reality”
Sun. July 8th 2018 – Pastor Stephan
Sermon Outline
I. Healing, Signs and Wonders were part of God’s Kingdom Reality Proclaimed by Jesus (Matt. 10:1,5-8).
II. Many Came to Believe in Jesus as a Result of the Miracles He Performed (John 4:43-50).
A. God’s nature is to heal, through natural or medical means, or through faith (vs. 43-47). B. Signs and wonders were to show the people that Jesus was the Messiah (vs. 48). C. Many people will believe the gospel of Jesus without signs and wonders (John 4:42). D. The important part is faith: taking Jesus at His word and believing Him (vs. 49-50). III. Healing, Signs and Wonders can Bring People to Believe the Gospel of Jesus (John 4:51-54).
Questions for Study and Reflection
1. In your opinion, what are some of the most memorable miracles that Jesus accomplished during His three years of ministry? What makes them memorable for you personally?
2. Read Isa. 53:5. What reasons do the Scriptures give for Jesus to perform the miraculous signs and wonders He did? Do you agree with point IA above? Why or why not?
3. Describe at least three different outcomes when Jesus performed healings, signs and wonders (see points IIB&C above). Why is this?
4. Read John 4:43-54. Skim over the immediate context of this section by reading John 4:1-42.
5. Why does the royal official ask Jesus to come with him to heal his son (vs. 47)? Why does Jesus respond as harshly as He did, vs. 48? What is Jesus implying in this verse? Contrast this with what was said in vss. 39-42.
6. What is the importance of what Jesus says in vs. 50 and the royal official’s response to it (see point IID)? What was the result of this sign (vss. 51-54)?
7. Do you believe healings, signs and wonders are for the church today? Why or why not?
8. Take time to reflect upon a miracle that you have experienced in your life. What was the result of this in terms of your personal faith in the Lord? How important do you think miracles in the life of others you know would be, especially for those who do not know the Lord? Take time to pray for them this week, and ask the Lord for what the apostles in Acts 4:29-30 asked. Are you ready to share your faith in Jesus with them?
Growing Deeper – Growing Freer: Bethel 3.0 Theme for July: Faith
This month we want to focus the importance of faith. Read Hebrews 11, the “faith chapter,” as a family, the do the following:
1) Memorize Heb. 11:1 in your favorite translation. What does this verse mean?
2) Make a list of some of the seemingly impossible things you or your family are facing at this time, e.g. lost family members, situations at work, etc.
3) Take time this month to pray through these regularly as a family.
4) Select one or two items that are seemingly more urgent. Pray about these, then write down what steps could be taken to address the issue(s). This week, take the first one or two steps.
5) Debrief as a family daily on how you are doing to move forward

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