Date: April 9, 2018

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John 20:21-31 – “We Doubting Thomases No More”
Sun. Apr. 8th 2018 – Pastor Stephan
Sermon Outline

I. The Church is Commissioned as the Ambassador of Christ into the World (John 20:21-23).
A. The proclamation of the gospel with the Spirit’s empowerment is the mission of the church (vs. 21-22).
B. As the gospel is preached, those who repent and believe in Christ are forgiven (vs. 23).
C. Those who collectively are called to shepherd the flock also discern and proclaim truth and error through loving discipline (vs. 23).

II. Those Who Believe and Receive the Truth about Jesus by Faith are Saved (John 20:24-31).
A. Declaring the gospel of Jesus should be a natural overflow from the heart (vs. 24-25a).
B. The world’s starting point is one of spiritual darkness and unbelief (vs. 25b).
C. The truth of the gospel is revealed to an individual by God alone (vs. 26-29).
D. The Scripture is the primary means through which people hear the gospel, believe and are saved (vs. 30-31).

Questions for Study and Reflection
1. Think about a truth or fact that someone told you that you could not believe was true. What was it? Did you finally come to believe it? How did that happen?
2. Read John 20:21-31. What details about the text make it seem very real to you? What things make it harder to believe or relate to?
3. What is the significance of Jesus’ words in vs. 21? What does he mean by peace, sent and sending? What is happening here, and how does it tie into what Jesus says in vs. 23 (see point I above)?
4. What made Thomas not believe the report of the other apostles in vs. 25? How would you have responded? Why? How is Thomas’ response typical of many people today? Why is that?
5. Reread vss. 26-29. What thoughts come to your mind when you think about this? Take vs. 29 and put it into your own words. How does point IIC above relate to this? What about those who never saw what Thomas saw? What do they need to see/hear/encounter?
6. What is the significance of vss. 30-31? Who is this written to? What are we to do with it?
7. Take time this week to reflect upon when you came to faith in Christ. Were you open? Closed? Skeptical? What was it that made a difference to you believing in the news of Jesus’ resurrection? Who do you know who also needs to believe in Jesus? Take time to pray for them. Then take the time to sit down with them and tell them how the Lord met you where you were and where you are now.

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