Date: July 3, 2016

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John 6:25-59 – “Jesus the Bread of Life”
Bread of Life Series, Week 2
Sun. July 3rd 2016 - Pastor Stephan
Sermon Outline
I. Satisfaction for the Soul and Eternal Life are Found Only in Jesus (John 6:25-46).
A. The work God requires is to have faith in Jesus as the only Life-giver (vs. 25-33).
B. As bread nourishes and sustains the body, Jesus nourishes and sustains spiritual life (vs. 34-35).
C. Those who come believing in Christ through faith partake of eternal life (vs. 36-46).
II. People Live Physically on Bread but Live Eternally through Christ Alone (John 6:47-59).
Questions for Study and Reflection
1. What do you consider the essential things necessary to maintain your physical life? What things are necessary for eternal life?
2. Read John 6:25-59. What is the main idea behind what Jesus is saying in this section of Scripture? What kind of life is He speaking of?
3. Why do the Jewish people question Jesus the way they do in vs. 28? What does He say in response? What does this mean? Why do they again ask Him for a sign (vs. 30-31)?
4. How does Jesus use bread as a metaphor for what He offers (vs. 35, see IB above)? What is the importance of bread in that particular culture? What other analogy can you come up with to say the same thing another way?
5. What are the people grumbling about in vss. 41-52, and what is Jesus’ response? Why do they grumble the way they do?
6. What kind of life is Jesus speaking of in vss. 53-59? How is this life attained? How is this life maintained?
7. How important is Jesus to you in your life? Take time to reflect this week on the necessity of Jesus in your life. How do you daily priorities bear this out? Who do you know who needs to know Jesus, the Bread of Life? Why not tell them about Jesus this week!