Date: January 21, 2018

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Isa 61:1-3 – “Growing Freer”
Sun. Jan. 21st 2018 – Pastor Stephan
Sermon Outline
I. Growing Deeper in the Word Results in Growing Freer in the Spirit (Psa. 1:1-3; John 7:37-39; Isa. 61:1-3).
A. God’s Presence with His people is the most important thing to the believer (vs. 1a).
B. Holy Spirit overflow motivates the proclamation of God’s Kingdom (vs. 1b-2).
C. God’s Power accomplishes His Kingdom work as we minister to others (vs. 2-3a).
II. We Grow in Freedom in the Spirit as we Enjoy Intimacy with God in Praise and Prayer (Isa. 61:3b).
A. The well-spring of God’s Presence in believers will be shown in joyful praise and Spirit-birthed prayer.
B. God is glorified as the church ministers Christ and others are set free to worship God.
Questions for Study and Reflection
1. Recall a time of greater physical refreshing. What led up to it? What caused the refreshing? Have you experienced a similar spiritual refreshing? Explain.
2. Read Psa. 1:1-3 and John 7:37-39. What relationship do these verses suggest between the Word of God and spiritual refreshing?
3. Read Isa. 61:1-3. Explain them in your own words. Which comes first, proclamation or refreshing? Explain.
4. Explain the Holy Spirit’s Presence in terms Him being with God’s people, upon God’s people and within God’s people. What makes this so important (see vs. 1a and IA above)?
5. What is the result of the Spirit’s Presence (vss. 1-2)? Do you agree with points IA and B? Why or why not?
6. Do you agree with point II and its subpoints? Why or why not?
7. Reflect on how you are personally doing in terms of the Growing Freer in the Spirit of God. What are you going to do this year to grow?