Date: January 29, 2017

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Isa. 40:18-24 – “Glorious God”
“Behold your God!” Series, Week 3
Sun. Jan. 29th 2017 - Pastor Stephan
Sermon Outline
I. The God of Creation and Salvation is Great and Glorious, and Worthy of our Complete Confidence (Isa. 40:18-20).
Confidence – A trusting, or reliance; an assurance of mind or firm belief in the integrity, stability or veracity of another, or in the truth and reality of a fact.
A. Whatever we value or love, fear in or hope in more than God, that thing we make to be our god (vs. 18).
B. Be careful not to limit God in comparing Him with anything or anyone (vs. 19-20).
II. The God of Creation and Salvation is Good and Gracious, and His Glory and Purposes will Endure Forever (Isa. 40:21-24).
A. Do not put any constraints upon God or His power (vs. 21-22).
B. Trust completely in God who desires to do glorious things for you today (vs. 23-24).
Questions for Study and Reflection
1. What are some comparisons that people make in society today? Why do they/we do that? What are some of the dangers of comparing people or things?
2. Read Isa. 40:1-31. What are some things or people that people compare God to (vs. 18)? Which ones are good and which one are not?
3. Do you agree with point IA? Why or why not?
4. What is the great danger in idolatry (vs. 19-20) when it comes to our understanding of God? How does idolatry lead us to an incorrect understanding of God (see point IB)?
5. What does Isaiah make the statements he does in vss. 21-24? Why does he specifically mention the rulers of nations? What are some typical situations that people face today that cause them to lose trust in the God of Israel?
6. What difficulties are you facing today? What situation(s) in your life cause you concern? Spend some quiet time with the Lord and ask Him to increase your faith in His goodness and grace, and ask Him to use the situation to bring glory to His Name.