Date: November 13, 2017

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FAITHFUL & FRUITFUL | 1 Corinthians 3. 10-21
REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY, 12 NOV 2017 | Pastor Patrick
There is not one amongst us who will say we do not desire a faithful and fruitful ministry, but how does it look? We continue to look at this from Paul’s letter to the troubled church in Corinth.
Last week we considered leadership misconceptions, this week, we look at both the substance of our work and its foundation.
What is True?
First, we are God’s holy temple, built on the foundation of Christ’s work, and filled with God’s Spirit (vv.9–11, 16–17).
Second, we are still capable of profound spiritual immaturity, and of living like “people of the flesh” (vv1–4).
Third, because the Spirit is at work in us (ch2vv14–15), we are capable of responding with repentance when confronted with our sin.
Despite the Serious Warning, There is Grace:
First, whatever “reward” we receive in the end will honour “the grace of God” by which we laboured. [v.14]
Second, God reveals the threat of “loss”, & a path of repentance [v.15]
Third, ability for faithful labour comes from our new identity as “God’s temple” [v.16].
Who has bewitched you? [Gal3.1] Who has sold to you another way of building the Kingdom other than that which is outlined in scripture. Explain.
What is important for the ministry of a leader to be faithful, to be fruitful?
When have you offered to God wood, hay or straw? What constitutes gold, silver, jewel in your context?
Where do you find God most at work in your life and in the lives of others? Are there ministries or programmes where you have seen ‘fruit’?
Why is it difficult to judge the fruit of ministry/ministers? Taking from last week, are we guilty of using a human metric?
How might you test your works in your current situation to see the fruit?