Date: September 18, 2016

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John 7:1-24 – “A Man of Truth”
Sun. Sept 18th 2016 - Pastor Stephan
Sermon Outline
I. God’s Plan for Redemption has Frequently been Misunderstood and Resisted (John 7:1-13).
A. Jesus’ brothers thought that He should pursue the path to popularity and power (vs. 1-5).
B. Great division arose between those who believed Jesus and those who did not (vs. 6-13).
II. Christ’s Transforming Message had Power to bring People into (Re-) Alignment with God (John 7:14-24).
A. People who honestly seek the truth will know a truth when they hear it (vs. 14-18).
B. People who seek truth will hear it, be convinced of it, and align themselves to it (vs. 19-24).
III. Personal Integrity must Characterize our Steadfast Commitment to the Gospel.
Questions for Study and Reflection
1. Think of a time you heard or read a truth which you had no prior knowledge of but deep inside you knew it was true. What was it? Was the truth more evident later on? How? Repeat the question but this time think of when you heard a lie and knew it was such.
2. Read John 7:1-24. Quickly skim chapters 5 and 6. Why were the Jews in Judea wanting to take Jesus’ life (vs. 1)? What do you know of the Feast of Tabernacles? Look this up in the Scripture (Lev. 23:33-43).
3. Why did Jesus’ brothers want Him to go to Jerusalem (vs. 3-4) even though they didn’t believe in Him (vs 5)? What made them not believe in Jesus?
4. Why was there such widespread discussion and differences among the people regarding the character of Jesus (vs. 12-13)? Can you give examples from your own life of people you know who might speak much about Jesus but offer different opinions about him? Why is this so?
5. Explain what Jesus is saying in vss. 16-18. Explain vss. 19-24. Do you agree with II and its subpoints above? Why or why not?
6. Reflect this week about statement III above. How is this working out in your own pursuit of Christ and the reading of His Word? Who do you know that may question this in your own life? Why is that?