Why We’re Here


The Vision of Bethel Community Church

Growing Deeper!  Growing Freer!

Bethel Community Church will be a dynamically life-giving and life-transforming community of people who worship God the Father while growing deeper in their knowledge of Jesus and more alive in the Spirit.

The Mission of Bethel Community Church

The Mission of Bethel Community Church is to make Genuine Disciples of Jesus.

The Core Values of Bethel Community Church

The Congregation of Bethel Community Church in Barrie, ON holds these core values:

  • Total Consecration: We believe that all people are created to be in loving, personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, and it is only in and through this relationship with God that He is enjoyed and glorified.  Through conversion we enter into new life in Christ and become wholly given over to God, i.e. consecrated, and seek to live the rest of our days for His glory alone.
  • Intimate Communion: We value and seek the personal Presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit to the church individually and collectively.  We believe that personal encounters with God (through Scripture, prayer, teaching, inspired worship, etc.) are the catalysts for transforming the church into greater Christlikeness in character and service.
  • Vibrant Community: We value spiritual fellowship with one another that is characterized by authenticity, transparency, reciprocity and increasing intimacy, and believe that it is in this environment that discipleship and continued spiritual growth may occur through intentionally engaging with one another in the ministry of Jesus.
  • Strategic Commission: We believe that every disciple of Jesus is a missionary whose has been uniquely situated, called and equipped to glorify God by advancing His Kingdom in the world through a unique blend of personality, passions, talents, Spirit-enabled gifts, and experiences.  Thus we value engaging the local community and beyond to minister the love of Jesus to its needs and revealing Jesus to them, thereby modelling the Great Commandment and fulfilling the Great Commission.


Acts 2:42, 47b – They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer … And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.


The Strategic Imperatives of Bethel Community Church

  “Draw” into Total Consecration – Bethel Community Church gathers Sunday mornings prepared and expecting to meet God, the King of the universe.  We desire to come ourselves well-prepared in our own hearts and lives and invite others to encounter our wonderful God.

“Delight” in Intimate Communion – The Lord Jesus came so that we could have restored relationship to God through the forgiveness of our sins.  Our times of praise, adoration, worship, prayer and stillness in God’s Presence, both individually and as we gather together, is the most glorious and life-giving activity in which any human being can endeavour to engage.

“Develop” through Vibrant Community – Interactive spiritual fellowship with one another in various settings is a foundational pillar for ongoing spiritual formation and maturation.  Small Home Bible Study groups, in particular, provide an environment in which believers may lovingly engage one another while being encouraged and equipped to live out our faith in all areas of life.

“Deploy” in Strategic Commission – Service to others is how we grow in our Holy Spirit given gifting and become genuine disciples of Jesus.  We use the gifts that God has given us to serve one another within the church and broader community.