John 10:1-21 – “The Shepherd and His Sheep”
Sun. Feb. 12th 2017 – Pastor Stephan
Sermon Outline
I. Jesus the Good Shepherd Desires an Intimate, Personal Relationship with Each of Us (John 10:1-6).
II. Jesus is the Only Gate to Salvation and Eternal Kingdom Life (John 10:7-10).
A. Any religion not pointing to the centrality of Jesus Christ is false (vs. 7-8).
B. Jesus provides abundant life by giving His people secure love, significant purpose and strong hope (vs. 9-10).
III. The Good Shepherd Lays Down His Life to make Us His Sheep and then Loving Cares for Us (John 10:11-21).
Questions for Study and Reflection
1. What is your personal definition of “the good life”? What will it take to obtain it? Who do you know who has obtained it? What other words would you use to describe their life?
2. Read John 10:1-21. Who is Jesus addressing the words in these verses? Identify the persons in this figure of speech, i.e. the sheep, the gate keeper, the shepherd, the thieves and robbers.
3. Why do the sheep follow the shepherd (vs. 1-6)? What has brought this about? What does it mean to follow the shepherd’s voice?
4. What does Jesus mean when He states He is the gate for the sheep (vs. 7)? Who are those who came before Him? Why are they thieves and robbers?
5. Do you agree with point IIA above? Why or why not? What would people in society typically say to your answer?
6. Discuss the elements of the abundant life in point IIB above. Do you agree with these? Why or why not? What would you add, subtract or change?
7. Explain vss. 11-21 in your own words. Which way do you respond to Jesus’ words, cf. vs. 19-21?
8. Reflect this week on vss. 11-18, specifically what it means to have Jesus as your Shepherd. Who do you know who needs to be introduced to the Good Shepherd? What change would Jesus make in their life/lives? What prevents you from telling them about the Shepherd sometime this week?

The Shepherd and His Sheep