Growing Deeper

Deeper in the Word – Elemental | Bethel 3.0 week 2
Sunday January 14th, 2018 | Pastor Patrick | Hebrews 5.11-6.3
Sermon in a Sentence: When faith is “hard to explain” one must consider where we’ve drifted in our belief and action, so that we might recognise the dangers, move past the elements and “go on to maturity”
Hard to Explain [ch5v11]
Understanding Melchisadek & being ‘dull of hearing’

“You’ve Been Christians Such a Long Time Now!”
The problem, the assessment & a conclusion using dairy.

The Goal! [ch5v14]
Solid food, trials and experience.

Let Us Leave; Let Us Go On. [ch6v1]
Repent. Believe. Repeat.

“Elementary, my dear Watson.” [ch6v2]
Examples of practices first learned, basics, given in pairs.

Permission Granted [ch6v3]

Questions for Group Study or Reflection

What about the faith do you find hard to understand; is there at times a ‘spiritual drift’ in your life? [Consider also David and what he was doing ‘at the time of year kings normally went to war’ and what happened].
When do you consider you became a Christian? Do you consider yourself one? If so, how long have you been and are you a different person that when you first believed? How are you still the same?
Why is it important for us to constantly reapply and preach the Gospel to ourselves? Do you often go through the cycle of repent, believe, and repeat?
How do you determine what are the core beliefs of the faith? Have you sought to build upon them?
Whose authority, permission and conditions do you proceed upon as it regards your faith development? Is the word of man a loud voice in your ear, or do you weigh everything by the Word and Spirit?

Growing Deeper